History and Origins

Filatura Vangi Srl was founded in 2006 in an already existing structure, created in 1982 by the Zanieri family, still owner of Lanificio Luigi Zanieri SPA.
Thanks to this collaboration, in a few years we have been able to make the Spinning one of the best structures in the Prato district.

What we do

We produce carded yarns on behalf of our customers, following all the processing steps.
Starting from the new or regenerated fiber, we are able to return the yarn ready for sale, relieving the customer from the management of all production phases.

A team of experts, available to the customer, is able to produce yarn samples according to the client's instructions and indications.
3 Production lines work uninterruptedly 24h / 7 days, produce yarns of any color (including white), in titles ranging from 1/2500 to 1/24000.

We are able to work any type of new or regenerated fiber; we are particularly specialized in processing cashmere from both virgin and regenerated fibers.

Commitment, enthusiasm for work, the experience and the ancient textile tradition in our city of Prato, attract many foreign customers from Europe and Asia.



In the laboratory our technicians carry out analysis and tests on the fibers, to obtain the results desired by the customer. The sample department completes the sample production cycle, with the spinning and dyeing phases.



The carded spinning composed of 2 Octir lines and 1 Bonino line is able to work yarn titles from 1/2500 to 1/24000 in any color, white included. We work all new or regenerated wools, we specialize in regenerated cashmere.



We can carry out the dyeing process on raw materials, both virgin and regenerated, or on the yarn after winding.
Dyeing and winding are highly appreciated by our customers because they save time and resources.



With the vaporization treatment the yarn becomes softer and more stable; moreover, twisting is avoided.
It is possible to carry out a double cycle vaporisation at 70 ° C; degrees.



In the winding phase, all the yarn defects are removed, it is wrapped in cones all of the same weight.
The thermo-spliced knots guarantee uniformity of the yarn and the optical fiber allows an excellent cleaning of the color.

Where we are

Our headquarters is in Prato, the Italian city with textile origins dating back to the 12th century.

Filatura Vangi
Via San Paolo, 401 59100 Prato Italy.
P.Iva: IT02045370976
Website: www.filaturavangi.it

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We produce scarves and plaids on behalf of our customers.
We take care of all the processes up to the packaging of the garment.